Reviewing an Education, Health and Care Plan

When is the first review held?

The first review must he held 12 months of the date when the EHC plan was issued, and then within 12 months of any previous review.  In some circumstances reviews maybe carried out earlier.

The education provider that is central to this process must organise and facilitate the review meeting on behalf of the LA.  The educational provider that the child or young person attends will be central to must support the child/young person and parents so that they are fully engaged in the review meeting.  The school or institution will need to prepare and plan early for the review meeting and liaise with the child/young person, parents and involved agencies.

The EHC plan review must use a person centred approach and must be undertaken in partnership with the child and their parent or the young person and must take account of their views, wishes and feelings.  Education providers must support children, parents and young people so that they are fully engaged in the review.

The Council for Disabled Children have produced an animation for parents on the Annual Review process to help understand procedures.

What is the aim of the EHC Plan Review Meeting?

The aim of the EHC plan review meeting is to show the progress of the child/young person has made and to review the outcomes and provision currently in place.  The emphasis is on the child/young person's progress towards achieving the outcomes as specified in the EHC plan and to consider whether the outcomes and the steps toward these remain appropriate.  It must highlight what is working and/or if there are any areas that need more support or require amendment.

Where the child or young person does not attend an educational provider, the LA will make arrangements to organise and convene the EHC plan review meeting.

Page last reviewed: 21/11/2023

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