Now your child has a diagnosis of Autism

What can you expect from an educational setting?

  • That they follow the advice and guidance available in the SEND Handbook and from professionals as appropriate.
  • To set up a good communication method with you to make sure that information is shared.
  • That they identify your child or young person's strengths as well as their areas of need.
  • Involve you as a family to review and support the achievement of targets in the educational setting and at home.
  • That they will be completing the Autism Education Trust (AET) training provided by the local authority.
  • That your child or young person continues to be part of the whole class grouping when and where appropriate.
  • That adaptations where appropriate, eg a quiet area/work station/'time out' space are made.

What it does not mean.......

  • That your child will automatically need or be entitled to 1 to 1 support from an adult.
  • That your child will automatically be entitled to an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).
  • That your child will have to move educational settings.

Page last reviewed: 23/05/2023

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