"The sports camp has been amazing for my child she has really enjoyed it, it has brought her confidence on loads. All the staff has been very helpful and nice on both drop of and collection. My child said the best things about sports camp was making friends and playing sports. Just today she said she misses summer sports camp." 

"Thank you so much for giving single parent family's opportunities like this to have a few hours break. With a child with additional needs it's hard to trust people with my child. Dan, Chris and the other people were fantastic with my son. From care to keeping my boy active they were fantastic. So thank you."

Mayfield School

“Chloe came home after each short breaks trip with Mayfield school, happy and very content. Chloe attended 2 out of the 6 trips (not attending 1 due to being ill and the other 3 I didn't mange to grab a place).  On the trips she did attend her needs, cares and interests were met, her pump feeds were given to her safely, lunch was fed to her (as she can't feed herself) and her toileting needs were met with dignity. I have every confidence in Mayfield School taking Chloe on short break trips and most certainly look forward to her getting to enjoy more adventures in the future” 

“He’s only ever been away from me with school and it was hard to let him go. But he amazed me so much getting on the bus without hesitation. My heart is bursting with so much love and I’m so proud of him for going.” 

“R has really enjoyed herself, thank you to all the staff so well organised hope there’s more to come”


“Since attending the group Josephine is more confident in her interactions with people, she looks forward to it as social activity is really important to her” 

“L absolutely loves coming to the sessions and enjoys himself whilst he is there. I’m grateful for the care the leaders take of L and the time and interest they take in him.” 

“Ollie needed the space away from his family. He needed to be on his own, with other people and be himself and think for himself. His confidence is booming and he’s become a more social able person because of it.”


Page last reviewed: 27/04/2023

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