Assessment Process

The process of assessing a child or young person for autism can be a confusing and worrying time for families. Every child and young person, and their circumstances, is different, and because of this the assessment process can look very different from one child to another. 

The assessment process follows the same broad steps for every child or young person. The detail within each of these steps can vary depending on the particular child or young person’s needs and the way they present. 

Download the Autism Assessment Pathway [PDF 102KB] which shows the steps involved in the Autism Assessment Process and, what may happen at each step. If the process for your child or young person differs from the process for other people you may know about, try not to worry. Remember that the assessment process will be tailored to what is required to assess an individual child or young person. All assessments will result in one of the same three outcomes at the Conclusion of the Assessment step.

The National Autistic Society also provide some guidance about diagnostic criteria which you may find helpful.

Pathway Navigators can support families accepted onto the assessment pathway. For details of the support the Pathway Navigators can offer, contact them using the details provided in your letter from Community Paediatrics.

Page last reviewed: 23/05/2023

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