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When does it start?

Preparing for adulthood is about taking steps to ensure that young people with special educational needs and disabilities receive the right level of support to enable them to live as full and active a life as is possible.

The main 4 things that young people say are important to them are:

  • Employment
  • Independent living
  • Community inclusion
  • Health

These areas should be discussed as part of transition planning which usually starts in Year 9 (13 or 14 years old) with the annual review of a young person's Education, Health and Care Plan.

Throughout the preparing for adulthood process

  • All reviews and plans should be centred around my needs, hopes and aspirations for the future.
  • I need ot agree who will need and can be sent information about me, including adult services.
  • I will need my GP to have information about me.
  • Each meeting should be recorded and shared with the people who support me now and those who are going to be supporting me as an adult.
Age 13 - 14 years
  • Who will be able to help me?
  • Which services need to be involved?
  • Who needs to come to my review meetings or send reports?
  • I may need a Continuing Healthcare Assessment.

My plan should be centred around my needs, hopes and aspirations.

Age 15
  • Have my goals changed?
  • What needs to happen?
  • Who needs to help?
  • Are there any schools or colleges I need to visit?
  • Do I need a benefits check?
Age 16
  • This could be my final year at school.  Have my goals changed?
  • What job do I want?
  • What do I need to be independent?
  • Do I want to stay at school or go to college?
  • What support might I need when I am an adult?
Age 17
  • Update actions.
  • Have my goals changed?
  • What needs to happen?
  • Who needs to help?
  • Do I need a referral to Adult Social Care for assessment to help my support planning?
Age 17 1/2
  • Has a referral to Adult Social Care been made?
  • Has a Continuing Health Care assessment been done?
  • Is my GP involved?
  • Are my benefits in the right name?
  • Will I have a personal budget?  Who will help me with this?
  • What further learning do I need?
  • Where do I go for signposting and support?
Age 18 - 19

At 18 I am an adult

  • Do I want to follow higher education or employment pathway?
  • Am I getting the right benefits?
  • Are there any community services I can use to build relationships?
Age 19 - 25
  • I can live the life I want and do the things that are important to me as independently as possible.
  • I am able to have a good time with my friends.
  • I am part of my community.
  • I have good health.
  • I am in employment or training.

Page last reviewed: 30/03/2023

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