School Admissions for Specialist Provisions in Cumbria for Children and Young People with an EHCP

Cumbria SEND and Inclusion have introduced a County wide approach to the allocation of Special School’s, Resourced Provision and Pupil Referral Unit SEMH places.  They have introduced Specialist Placement Panel meetings, holding these every 4 weeks.    

Parent/carers can request a special schools placement through the EHCP Review process.  Requesting a specific school can be made as part of the consultation process following the issuing of the draft EHC plan, or Annual Review identifying a request by parents to consider a specialist placement. This is done through the completion of the specialist placement referral form including evidence from the current school and involved professionals. 

There may be occasions when parents wish to make a request for specialist provision outside of the Annual Review timescales. In these circumstances the school/setting should hold an early review and follow the referral process.  The schools will send in the referral on behalf of parents using the normal procedures following the review.

The documentation below explains this process fully and includes the referral paperwork which must be submitted.  

We are hopeful that this will further improve our ability to meet the needs of children and young people with an EHCP who may require a placement beyond mainstream provision. 

If you would like to comment on this process, please complete our Online Service Feedback Form.

Admission Guidance and Referral Form


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Page last reviewed: 30/03/2023

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