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What do Educational Psychologists do?

The County Psychological Service works within Children's Services and makes its distinctive contribution through applying psychology to help people solve problems and improve learning.  This may be at an individual level where young people are having difficulty at school.  It may also be at an institutional level, working on wider issues with schools or other settings to help all children be as successful as possible.

How are these services delivered?

Educational Psychologists sometimes work directly with young people in the age range 0 to 25 years on a wide variety of issues relating to their progress and development. However, much of our work is done with other people who know and work with children and young people.

Educational Psychologists offer a range of services. For example, we offer:

  • Training to schools and support with whole school initiatives
  • Consultation and advice to staff in schools and early years settings
  • Consultation to Parents and Carers
  • Observation and assessment of groups or individual pupils
  • Work with schools to develop interventions and approaches for groups or for individuals who are referred via the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
  • The Psychological Advice that is required for all Statutory Assessments of children's Special Educational Needs
  • Contribute to selected Annual Reviews of children with Statements of Special Educational Needs
  • Work with other agencies within Children's Services and beyond, for example the voluntary sector and Health
  • Support  for schools when they have particular needs, for example following Critical Incidents such as bereavement, staff Stress or in terms of particular school improvement issues
  • Development work, research, training and project work for the Local Authority

          Applying psychology to improve outcomes for children and families.

Information for children and young people
   Title    Date    Size
   Behaviour and Emotional Wellbeing Officers    16/11/2018       497k
   Educational Psychologist Comes to Your School - Infants    31/10/2018    1405k   
   Educational Psychologist Comes to Your School - Junior    31/10/2018    956k
   Educational Psychologist Comes to Your School - Secondary       31/10/2018    956k



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