Share a book every day

In Cumbria we want to promote Share a book every day with early years children at home with their family and friends.

Sharing books with children is fun, it can be a time for closeness, laughing and talking together and it can also help your child to become a lifelong reader and have a love of books.

There is no right or wrong way of doing it and it is never too early to start reading to your child.

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Providers celebrated - Share a book every day - October 2021
Listed below are the fun activities childcare providers held during Share a book every day
  • Going to provide a lending library for the children and families

  • We will be carrying out different activities throughout the week of the 11th and are excited to see what a difference we can make

  • We had already planned to encourage the sharing of books, so will include Share a book every day in our planning

  • Setting up a reading challenge where parents are being asked to upload photos to tapestry of children reading in different places around the house and with different members of their family

  • Family members going into the setting to read/share their child’s favourite book

  • Our story times will be recorded and shared with parents alongside photos and words capturing the child’s voice’  We have also invited parents to share photos from home, these will be displayed in our book area for the children to view and chat about.

  • A different book every day, each with accompanying story sack.  Asking parents to share them reading to the children on Tapestry. There will also be creative activities that be themed on the stories and we are turning the outdoors into a themed We're Going on  Bear Hunt using all the outdoor equipment as props e.g. climbing wall as the cave etc. It should be a lot of fun, hopefully the weather will stay dry. 

  • Videoing ourselves reading favourite stories and posting to our private Facebook group every day next week. Asking parents to send clips of children enjoying a book at home (whether lone reading, being read to, bedtime story)

  • We have set up a lending library to access a variety of books, invited parents in to share/read a story, made some story spoons, story baskets and story sacks. 

  • Our preschool is making a visit to the library

  • Invitations to play using the staff and children’s favourite children’s stories, having a PJ day and a teddy bears picnic. We are also going to do a competition on our Family app for the best photo of reading your book in a funny place.

  • A relaunch of our outdoor lending library, we have new books and props added for parents and children to take and return them when finished.

  • We're asking parents to complete a little reading diary and send it in, we can talk with children about favourite books they've shared with us.
  • We will be uploading a video each day of a staff member reading a story to both Facebook and Tapestry for all our children to enjoy. Each child will be given a book to keep at the end of the week to enjoy at home.  We are also collecting photos of children enjoying reading at home for a display in school.

  • We have story/ rhyme time every day, I inform the parents via our WhatsApp group of the rhyme of the week, we link our crafts to a story as far as possible.

  • We visit the library every Monday for story and singing time,  some children are not with me on a Monday so we are making our very own library in the playroom.

  • We will be reading our favourites, making story sacks to go along with them and incorporating them into our play.   Our first book Spot at the Aquarium with chiffon scarves and sea life finger puppets

  • We have been exploring books in a very curious way the babies have enjoyed exploring the Halloween story of peppa pig The pumpkin competition. Toddlers have acted out the bear hunt story and done various Gruffalo activities. The pre school unit have read There was an old lady who swallowed a fly and have been using puppets. We have also made a lending library in the shape of a fridge.

  • We've been promoting the Share a Story with our parents and families.  Children have been relishing all the stories in school as well as taking home some of our Best Books to share with families at home. We've encouraged families to get involved and they've responded by sending in photos of the kind of things they're doing at home.  We've also been able to reinstate our school Library system where children take home books from Nursery each week to add variety to their book sharing at home. We're asking parents to complete a little reading diary and send it in so that we can talk with children about favourite books they've shared with us too

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