Candidate Manifestos

This video introduces our newly elected Members of Youth Parliament.  Watch them talk about what it means to them to be elected by other young people and what they hope to achieve in their term of office.  

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Cumberland Member of Youth Parliament Bobby Forbes met with MP Mark Jenkinson, having invited him into school to hear about his campaign for free school meals. It was an opportunity to represent other young people’s voices on the need for free school meals and to remove the stigma surrounding them. Bobby presented his evidence of need via a survey he and Evie Gasgarth (Deputy MYP) carried out in the local area. Bobby completed the visit with a tour of the school canteen and a look at the free breakfasts that were on offer to students at Solway Community School, which help set students up for the day ahead.

Bobby continues to campaign on behalf of other young people, along with the support from his deputies and Cumberland Youth Council.



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